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Advanced heavy duty electric actuators and controller are made in the USA. Engineered to fit the strong framework of Ritter/Midmark power tables. Programmable Hand Control provides three programmable user defined positions. Manual Foot Control provides the doctor hands free operation. Infinitely adjustable to meet any procedural needs. Soft, smooth, clean, quiet operation. Auto-sensing will trigger the actuators to shut down in the event of an overweight situation. Back and Leg actuators lower without pulling force, saving stools and tables from damage. Innovative design allows for ease of actuator replacement. Improved safety with 24 volt electrical system, dramatically reducing power consumption. Simultaneous actuator movement requires less time for patient positioning. Full 2-year warranty on all components.
The ElectraFit conversion kit has been carefully designed with the service technician in mind. Not only were the mechanical design challenges overcome, but the installation process has also been refined, providing the ability to remove the old hydraulic system and easily install all components in a quiet, clean, and timely manner within the medical office environment, if needed.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Features of the new ElectraFit System model EF1200                                                 
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No more hydraulic parts !!! Advanced Technology Applied
No more OIL !!!